Spanish singer Joanna Sainz Garcia killed on stage due to fireworks


Spanish pop singer Joanna Sainz Garcia has died after being injured by a fireworks explosion during one of her performances. Sainz,  age 30, was performing with the “Super Hollywood” orchestra at a theater near Madrid when the incident happened. The fireworks exploded on stage near the singer, causing her to lose consciousness on Sunday.

The singer’s ambulance team was taken to hospital immediately and her death was confirmed later. Some 1,000 spectators were watching the concert in the town of Las Berlánas, northwest of Madrid. Social media users circulated footage said to show the moment the fireworks exploded, causing Sainz to fall to the ground. The newspaper “El Diario Montanes” that a doctor and a nurse were among the public tried to rescue the singer before the arrival of the medical ambulance team. Sainz is a major dancer and choreographer of the Super Hollywood band, a 15-member band of singers, musicians and dancers.

The group was contracted to perform at the end of a four-day festival in Las Perlas.

Propaganda officials told the newspaper El Norte de Castilla that the “unfortunate” incident appeared to be due to manufacturing defects in a fireworks device.

Isidro Lopez, owner of the propaganda company Bruns Wansl, who is in charge of promoting the band, told local media that the band used fireworks in previous performances without incident.

The entire Bruns family, partners, artists, friends and collaborators are deeply saddened and saddened by the death of our friend Joanna Sains,” the company said in a statement on Facebook.

The local government in Las Berlánas, which organized the festival, its was sad for us but we will praised the late singer Sons and called her in a Facebook post that read: “Joanna Sainz, you are in our memories.”

Many People are not believing that this incident can happened but they are praying for singer Joanna Sainz.






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