Syrian Foreign Ministry: Damascus will defend all its territory and will not accept any occupation of any Syrian soil

Syrian Foreign Ministry
Syrian Foreign Ministry

Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal al-Miqdad said that Damascus will defend Syrian territory and will not accept any occupation of any land or atom.

The Syrian official comments came in response to Turkey’s intention to launch a new aggression on Syrian territory in the eastern Euphrates region.

Mekdad said that if Turkey launches any aggression on the country’s territory, we will defend all Syrian territory, and we will not accept any occupation of any Syrian soil or corn,

But others in this field should not throw Themselves to perdition, because we are ready to defend our land and our people ”

In response to a question about the US abandoning the Kurds and the beginning of withdrawal from the border areas.

Mekdad said that anyone who does not save the homeland and sell it at the cheapest prices will find that it will be thrown out of history, and we have warned many times of these conspiracies on the homeland and the Syrian people.

Whoever throws in the arms of the foreigner will throw him away from the foreigner and this is what happened.

He continued: “We tell them that they have lost everything and must not lose themselves, and in the end the homeland welcomes all its children and we want to solve all the Syrian problems in a positive manner and in a way away from violence, but in a way that preserves every grain of soil from Syria.”

It is noteworthy that the Syrian television reported, on Monday, Turkey launched an aggression targeting Tall Tall Balalikip in the countryside of the northeastern province of Hasaka, one of the sites “SDF”.









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