Ten unique islands where the rule of light goes.


The human population has grown dramatically in the past few decades. To meet the growing human need, we have also destroyed animal habitats. Due to the construction of new cities and industries, forests are also diminishing, which has a direct impact on animals and birds. Despite the conditions, there are many places in the world where animals are thriving.

There are also some islands in the world where animals really rule.

1-More than 150 Erna buffaloes live on Santa Catalina Island. In 1924, 14 Irina buffaloes were brought to the island for a film shoot.

They were released on the island after the shooting of the film. Not only have these Arna buffaloes survived, but their population has increased substantially.

2-Unique pigs live in an uninhabited island in the Bahamas. Some sailors are believed to have left these pigs on the island, with the intention of returning and eating later, but did not return. Secondly, these pigs are flown along the wreckage of a ship to the island. This island is also known as Pig Beach.

3-The number of cats in the Japanese island of Tashirajima is higher than that of humans.

There are 100 humans and 600 cats on the island. Dog entry is prohibited on this island so that no dog can harm the cat.

4-On the island of Estiag is the ruler of not human pony. These ponies roam freely on the coast. Some people believe that the pony arrived on the island with a wreck. The debris of the ship can still be seen buried beneath the sand of the coast.

In the interior of the island there are 300 ponies, while on the outside there are 1000 ponies, which are kept by pony growers.

5-Miyajima Island, Japan, is also known as Dear Island. There are about 1000 Sika deer on this island. These deer also come to the shrine on the island and continue to hover near the sacred Tari Gate. These deer also accept food from the people who come here.

6-There are four types of penguin in Makwari Island. This island is in the Australian Antarctic Territory in Tasmania. It is estimated that there are only 12 humans and 4 million penguins on the island.

7-In South Africa, there are 6000 river calves in the island of Decar. There are no humans on this island. Also called Seal Island. Covering an acre, the island is made up of rocks.

There are many types of animals on the island, including African penguins.

8-A snake lives in every one meter of the island of Brazil in the island of Maraha Queimada.

9-In Japan, Okonoshima Island was once used for the manufacture of chemical weapons.

It was a secret place in World War II. Now rabbits are seen here on all sides, making the island known as Rabbit Island. It is suspected that the rabbits are from a generation of rabbits sacrificed for chemical experiments, while some say that in 1971 some schoolchildren brought rabbits with them, which were left on the island.

10-Australia’s Christmas Island is ruled by 30 million crabs. Once a year, several million adult crabs travel from the jungle to the coast to increase their breeding



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