The Christian family refuses to pay taxes. It goes against God’s will In Australia

Income Tax
Income Tax

Two Christian missionaries in Australia have refused to pay the Australian Taxation Office $ 2 million in Australian taxes. He says Australia’s tax laws are inconsistent with God’s laws. Fannie Elida Beaurepot and her brother, Roberts Cornelius Beaurepot, were presented to a judge of the Supreme Court of Tasmania. The prosecutor told the court that both were given tax payment notices on two different occasions but both failed to pay the tax. In their defense, the two brothers took the stand that God’s laws are the best in Australia. They do not owe anything to the Commonwealth, because they belong to God.

Miss Beaurepot said she relies on the mercy of God and that we will give it to her, we will not give anything to an external institution such as the tax office.

We have nothing because we belong to him,” he added. Breaking our affiliation with God from the Commonwealth means rebellion against God and violation of the first commandment. Is.

Roberts Connelis Beaurepot told the judge that he and his sister paid taxes until 2011 but as their spiritual relationships deepened, they realized that paying taxes was against God’s will.

They said that the commonwealth belongs to God, which means that obeying human-made laws is to invoke God’s wrath.

Listening to their arguments, the judge said that the decision not to pay the tax of both the siblings does not seem to be a result of any dishonesty, but it seems that both of them made the decision honestly under the influence of their religious teachings. The judge said that unless the two brothers show up in the Bible as “and you do not pay tax”, they will be guilty.

The court ordered the two brothers to pay $ 1.159 million Australian taxes and 1.166 million Australian taxes, penalties and administrative costs.



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