The company has threatened to sue the fashion designer who took a photo of Ferrari on Instagram


The company has threatened to sue the fashion designer who took a photo of Ferrari on Instagram

Ferrari is a luxury car maker. This company does not want anyone to use their car, whether it is purchased or used by Philip Plain. Philips are a fashion design. They put their shoes on the bonnet of their proprietary Ferrari car and posted their picture on Instagram. Ferrari has threatened to sue Philip after seeing his shoes on the car. The company says Philip’s behavior has damaged the reputation of the Ferrari brand and has led to further financial losses for the company.


Ferrari said in an open letter to Philip that they have used Ferrari’s trademark for their reputation, which is intended to promote their product and brand. , It was theirs. Ferrari claims that Philip is defaming his company for promoting its brand. Philip has not yet deleted the image from Instagram. Ferrari’s lawyer says he will file a case against Philip two days after receipt of the letter

Philip calls this Ferrari letter a blackmail. Philip has asked his followers to photograph and post their shoes on their luxury car.

Philip has also created a slideshow of photos sent by his followers.

Philip’s fight is not a battle of shoe makers or carousel companies. He says this fight is a fight for the right to post on our private social media. They say we post whatever we want with our social media accounts (provided it doesn’t harm anyone).

As far as the actual legal battle is concerned, The Fashion Law reports that Ferrari’s argument carries considerable weight. Like the United States, a registered trademark holder in Italy can prevent third parties from using their own brand or similar trademarks. The color is, which seems to suggest that Ferrari and the shoe maker are working together or that the two are affiliated, making the case for Farari’s trademark infringement stronger. Commenting on Bloomberg, Philip’s independent legal adviser Garmin Rotondaro dismissed Ferrari’s allegations as baseless. It is not yet clear whether Ferrari will put the plan to action on Philip.


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