The company will reward $ 1,000 for a weekend stay offline


An internet provider company has presented a great challenge for a weekend. The company will only pay $ 1,000 to anyone who is offline on a weekend, not using computers and phones.

Satellite says $ 1,000 will be paid to a weekend and offline spender at the Joshua Tribe National Park in South Carolina in the Digital Deux Challenge.

Participants in this challenge will be banned from using any tech device for two to three days.

The company says that on the last day of the challenge, participants will be able to share their experience on the Internet using their device.

One of the lucky applicants will be chosen on August 26 to take part in the challenge. The person will be provided accommodation with air conditioning room, hot water tub, pond and fresh water facilities.

Participants in this challenge will be able to climb the nearby hills, bathe in the pond, read a book or watch the stars at night.







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