The death of “Naima” the last elephants of Giza Zoo in Egypt

Elephant Naima
Elephant Naima

The Giza Zoo in Egypt, one of the world’s largest zoos, has announced the death of its last elephant at the age of 40.

The female elephant, nicknamed “Naima,” died on Sunday, hours after suffering a stroke, Mohamed Ragai, the director general of zoos in Egypt.

Naima was known for her ferocity after killing her male, who died of a “heavy blow”.

According to zoo officials, the elephants were “normal” last Saturday, but fell to the ground in pain on Sunday.

A team of veterinarians were immediately summoned, but died during the initial treatment in the presence of doctors.

Fierce Naima”

The elephants, “Naima,” have been registered in the park’s name since they came in 1983 with a male elephant, but died of “a heavy blow from Naima,” and remained alone in chains for many years because of their ferocity.

The director of zoos in Egypt said that “Naima” earlier killed a guard, when she was arrested in her hose, but another worker in the zoo later tamed her, after many years of his service, and was shackled only four years ago, to move Freely, and became “obedient and responsive to him and to the audience wonderfully.”

Naima is a descendant of the African elephant, the largest surviving land mammal.

The Giza Zoo mourned elephants “Naima”, on her Facebook page, and wrote: “The Central Department of zoos mourns (to) all the zoo lovers, and the staff of doctors and clapists lost Naima, an African elephant who has lived all her life in the zoo enjoying their visits.” .




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