The dog returned 200 miles to the owner in the Siberian forest

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The 1-year-old bitch jumped on a train passing through the jungle of the Cypriot forest in Siberia and reached 200 miles (200 km) by foot. The owner of the hit had abandoned it.

Born in the house of Maru Novosibirsk dog. Five months later, he was bought 800 km away by a family in the city of Krasnoyarsk, Siberian. Six months later, dog house owner Ella Morozawa got a call from the new owner, telling her that her family could no longer keep the hit because of a pet allergy.

It was determined by selling to Maru that if Marrow was to be abandoned, Ella would first be informed so that her return could be arranged. This phone call was about that time

Ella called back to hit someone, but after walking 200 km of the train, everything changed. Ella told the Siberian Times that I was upset because her owners were not there, and the sound of the train made her even more frightened.

Maru jumped on the compartment door. It also threw the conductor almost out. Maruplet jumped on the farm and went into the forest of Cypress in the dark of night.

By the time Maru jumped out it was about to reach the city of Achinsk and had traveled about half a distance to reach the destination. The person with the beat also gave him voices to call back.

Upon hearing this, Ella informed former owners of Maru and requested them to assist them in their search for Maru. The former owners, however, refused to do so.

Ella said Maru’s disappearance was nothing like it was for her former owners, but they were furious when they approached her. However, Ella did not dare, she posted the news of Ella’s gossip on the internet and hid posters in search of a hit.

About two days later, a volunteer found the mare. Surprisingly Mara was met by Krasnoyarsk’s industrial area. Apparently it looks like she wanted to reach her former owners.

Ella said that by the time she got hit, she was lame, her toes had broken. His feet were injured and his throat was broken. She had run away for more than two days. Fortunately no bears and lumesters were harmed on her way. Amazingly Maru never left the courtyard in his home but returned to his hometown 200 km away. A friend of Ella’s took Maru to the dog house, where she is being treated.



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