The eyes of these Russian blue cats are the most glamorous

Blue Eyes Cat
Blue Eyes Cat

The viral Zafi and Aurie cats are actually sisters on Instagram. The biggest hand of the Blue Blue breed to go viral on them is their glamorous eyes. You have never seen so many beautiful eyes.

These twin cats look like twins, but in reality they are not just twins. Xafi, the epitome of Xafira, was born in the spring of 2016.

While Auri was born in the summer of the same year. In the beginning, the two could easily be identified separately, but as they grew older, their separate identities became more difficult.

The number of followers on Instagram is 1,222,000. The couple, who lives in Redding, UK, say that Uri’s face is slightly round, ears wide and skin deep, while Zafi’s face is slightly angled and ears are slightly longer. The nature of these two cats is also a bit different. Zafi is calm while Ory likes to play. Both cats live together and both are very fond of making pictures, which is estimated by the few pictures below of the cats.





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