The heat intensified, baking biscuits in the car. Meteorological Experience Department


In the United States, the National Weather Service informed the public about the heat through an experiment. In his experience, the National Weather Service made biscuits in a hot car only in summer. The collectors were tested by the National Weather Service in Omaha for car biscuits and posted updates from their Twitter account.

East Nebraska is expected to receive intense heat Saturday, Fox News reports.

The National Weather Service conducted this experiment to inform them.

During their experiment the National Weather Service placed 4 raw biscuits in a baking tray and placed the tray on the car’s dashboard. After 45 minutes the biscuits began to bloom. Within a few hours another tweet was told to the consumers that although the previous set was in the shade, its temperature also reached 144 degrees Fahrenheit or 62 degrees Celsius.

The biscuits continued to heat up in the summer, and soon their color turned golden. After baking for a couple of hours, the biscuits were ready, after which the National Weather Service shared photos of their meal. After staying, they were able to eat the biscuits. They wrote that the maximum temperature of the tray was 185.

Through this experience, the National Weather Service warned people not to leave their pets and children in the car, as car temperatures can be dangerously high.

In 2017, a chef from Dubai laid eggs in a frying pan for 10 minutes, and cooked for 10 minutes.





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