The Indian man has not cut or washed his hair for the last 40 years

Hair Cutting
Hair Cutting

Many people do not cut their hair for decades to make a record, but they must wash their hair thoroughly, even though it takes several hours to wash their hair. There is also a 63-year-old man in India who has not cut his hair for 40 years. In addition, he has not washed his 6-foot long hair for 40 years.

Sikal Dev Tudu, a resident of Manda village in Bihar, India, claims that he has been growing his hair since he was 22 years old. For some reason he could not get his hair cut all year long. One morning when they woke up, they realized that their hair had become tangled. He considered it the mercy of Shiva, the Hindu god, and from that day he stopped cutting his hair and washing it.

Today their hairline is 6 feet thick and hangs behind them to the ground, making their hair more dirty.

Everywhere the sculls go, they wrap a white cloth over their heads. Ever since they started growing their hair, people have started calling Mahatmaji to pay their respects. People understand that they have a secret. There are powers. People from all over India come to visit them to find out their hair tips on hair.

Sikal is not the first Indian whose hair is very large.



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