The intimacy of the funeral of Cacho Chestnut in the Buenos Aires Legislature

Cacho Chestnut
Cacho Chestnut

The popular singer Humberto Vicente Castagna, better known as Cacho Castaña, died today at the age of 77 at the Sanatorio de Los Arcos, located in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo, where he was hospitalized since Saturday, September 28 following a complication in his health. The artist’s picture worsened due to a virus that entered his lungs, and another in his blood, Teleshow found out. In addition, he dragged serious kidney problems.

His remains will be veiled in the President Perón Hall of the Legislature of the City of Buenos Aires from 19.00 for friends, from 22.00 to 0.00 for the public and tomorrow from 8.00 to 13.00.

Cacho Castaña, composer of famous songs like “Café La Humedad”, “Garganta con arena” and “To live a great love”, was hospitalized for heart problems in 2005 and respiratory problems in 2011. Then, on December 24, 2013, he entered to Los Arcos Sanatorium for a series of complications derived from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

But at the end of 2018, health problems began to increase. On November 7 he was hospitalized urgently at the Sanatorium of Los Arcos in Palermo for a bronchial picture. While he was in the medical center he suffered a robbery in his house in Olivos: criminals entered the property without forcing any lock and took 25 thousand dollars and a watch. On June 11 he celebrated the arrival of his 77 years accompanied by his partner and his friends, in an event in which he was noticed smiling and in good health. But shortly after, on August 5, he had to be hospitalized again in the medical center of Palermo, due to a picture of pneumonia.

On that occasion a group of irresponsible Twitter users left him for dead. Teleshow communicated with his wife, Marina Rosenthal, who clarified: “Thank God everything is controlled with the corresponding medication to cure himself soon. He is very well, resting. ” With the humor and irony that characterized him, the singer also spoke about it in the radio cycle of Oscar González Oro, who introduced the talk saying that he has the ability to revive people: “What power you have Black, less bad, because He was naked on top of the marble of the morgue and he was cold. I found out at seven in the morning by the calls. At 11 I got up and realized that another candombe was coming. You have to play 48, the dead man to speak. ”

Or when he said some repudiable phrases: “Go to know what women think. Years ago poets want to know what they have in their heads and we never knew. Do what you want, relax … If rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy. It’s strong, it’s an old saying that refers to many things. ” Given the impact of his words, he acknowledged his mistake: “It is very painful, there are people who have had this and it was tremendous, but at the time I did not realize it. I regretted, of course. I am not against feminism, on the contrary, I am more feminist than anyone. ”

With his successes and his mistakes, with his talent as a musician, his loyalty as a friend and his Buenos Aires identity, Cacho Castaña managed to transcend because, as he wrote in his tango “I’m on my way to fifty”: “It makes me angry when I think it’s already , that this was all, and that I am still alone because of my way of thinking (…) I am on my way to the fifty, semicolon of life / without thinking, without realizing it, near the end point. I’m going … I’m on my way to my fifties and despite what I say … / because of how much I’ve lived … I can’t complain … ”





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