The poison of this small octopus can kill 26 people in a minute but tourists kept enjoy with octopus.


Two British tourists visiting Australia can rightly imagine themselves lucky. The two continued to fade with a small blue-ringed octopus. This octopus is so toxic that it can kill 26 adults in a minute.

A video posted to a Facebook group showed Rose Saunders and June Paul Lennon playing with this poisonous octopus and letting it touch their skin.

No, they did not realize that once they cut the octopus, they would suffer a painful death. These tourists were catching fish in Australia that caught a yellow and blue spotted octopus. Instead, I started playing with it.

They both grabbed the poisonous octopus with their hands and laughed and laughed.

Rose wrote in a Facebook post that for two days she saw amazing views of the sunset, saw dolphins, caught fish and caught a blue-colored octopus. It is one of the most dangerous animals in the world but they did not realize it.

Blue-colored octopus is the most deadly animal in Australia. Its tiny body contains so much poison that it can kill 26 adult humans.

Experts say that when it cuts the octopus, humans do not even feel it, but soon the person becomes paralyzed. A few minutes after cutting it, the lips and tongue become numb, difficulty breathing, and soon the breathing muscles also become paralyzed. Can’t answer

The blue spots on the body of this octopus appear when it feels in danger, which means that British tourists were also in serious danger.

Users have made quite negative comments on their videos on social media. Consumers say they have come close to stupid death.





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