Vietnam bungalow that is popular nationwide due to its living room tomb.


A bungalow located in Banter, Vietnam, is popularly known as “Tomb Villa”. It looks like a typical bungalow, but as soon as you go to the bungalow and open the front door, you will find marble instead of a simple dining table. A tomb is visible without it.

The tomb between the living room may be the story of a scary movie, but the people living in the Tombok community’s Tomb Villa are not afraid.

In Vietnam, burial is strictly prohibited except in cemeteries and churches. That is why people are very surprised to find the tomb in the bungalow.

The story of the bungalow of the bungalow begins on January 28, 1960 when a local woman named Dong Thi Nahan gave birth to a daughter and named her Tran Kim.

Lanes grew up in poverty. At age 18, he fell in love with the owner of a fishing boat. Three years later, Lane and her husband moved to the United States for a better job. In the United States, Lane started working as a mini-curator to protect nails and hands. After a while she became involved with the interior designing business. In this way, Lane’s life began to move with great comfort. They also send money to their families in Vietnam

In the early 2000’s, Lane told his family that he was planning to move back home gradually. Lane asked his brothers to build a spacious bungalow in place of their old hut, so that they could all live together. Unfortunately, Lane was fortunate to stay in this bungalow for only a few months. He was later diagnosed with cancer. Lane decided to go to America and get treatment. Before leaving, Lane testified that he would never stay in the bungalow; if he died he would be buried in the bungalow.

Len died on May 10, 2007. The Len family decided to bring them back from the United States. They cut down the marble in their living room and made a grave and laid a precious stone on it. People and officials of the area also attended the last rites of the lane. Due to the presence of authorities, no one objected to the illegal burial. Lane has been buried in his bungalow ever since, and Lane’s youngest brother lives with his family in this bungalow nowadays. As such, they are always pleased with the feeling of closeness to their sister.




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