When I got pregnant everything was detonated ”:

Yuyuniz Navas
Yuyuniz Navas

Yuyuniz Navas talks about the domestic violence he suffered “I had a partner, the truth is that it did not go well, I had a bad lesson,” began explaining actress Yuyuniz Navas, in the star of Chilevision “We can talk.” “While there was physical violence, it was not much thanks to God,” said Navas, who said that violence also manifested itself in other ways: “psychological, with my self .. damaging things. It expressed violence in different ways. ” “We had a relationship like a year and something, and at that time there were no episodes of violence. It was after I got pregnant all these things are detonated, ”said the actress. “He had health problems and all the things that were pathological in him were detonated.” “When I was four months pregnant, a very violent episode occurred. They had been presenting problems for a while, insecurities of him and a minute came when he got out of control, uncontrolled. And I wanted to finish that because it was no longer enough, and there was the muddy. Then there was a rest time, and then it was activated again, ”confessed the guest of the night program. “After my four months of pregnancy I had to go to Iquique to“ hide ”, to have my pregnancy quiet. I had two pyelonephritis in pregnancy. I returned with a fever of 40, I spent 10 days like that. And he continued with his things, ”Navas said, referring to the violent attacks of his former partner.

I still come from a story of hard life, a lot of violence, and somehow that story that I lived helped me to have strength, maturity, vision and coldness too, because one as a pregnant woman always wants to forgive, because He is your daughter’s dad. But there are things that you can’t honestly forgive, because maybe you can’t tell them later, ”he concluded.

“There I made the decision to have my daughter alone. Today I am again trusting in love, ”Yuyuniz Navas finally reflected, who referred to the process he went through after the violence suffered. “Just one goes on, also in relation to that is my sexual and spiritual retreat”



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