Which plane is safer in case of an air crash.

Aeroplane Crashed
Aeroplane Crashed

Air travel is the safest journey in the world. The accident rate is much lower than in other modes. Every day more than 1 million flights around the world take passengers to their destination. The average number of accidents on an average of about 40 million flights a year is 70 to 80.

The risk of a person being killed by a car accident in life is about 1 percent out of 112, while the risk of someone being killed in an air crash in life is 1 in 8000, ie 0.0125 percent.

Generally, it was observed that all people aboard the plane lost their lives, but aviation experts say that there are some lapses in the plane, where the risk of being killed in the event of an accident is low. happens

The Indian Airlines LM Indiana recently tweeted a tweet from its Twitter account, which said which of the aircraft’s locations are safer.

However, after intense criticism from consumers, KLM India had to delete this tweet and apologize.

In the event of an accident, KLM India has the highest risk of being found in the middle seats, lower on the front and lowest on the rear third, KLM India said in its tweet. The photo shared with it clearly states that the back stacks are safer.

Experts say passengers within five rows are more likely to avoid accidental emissions in the crash. And the safety card must also be read, no matter how many times you have read it before and leave your goods on the emergency exit.




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