Who bites mosquitoes? A few interesting facts


Sometimes there are mosquitoes that bite you, but the person with you is naturally safe from mosquitoes. ۔

The reasons are as follows.

• Mosquitoes find the blood of some people more favorable. People with type and blood are cut twice as much as mosquitoes.

• Mosquitoes bite adults more than children. This is because mosquitoes hunt their prey by smelling carbon dioxide. Adults remove more carbon dioxide than children. In addition to carbon dioxide, mosquitoes also find their prey by the smell of sweat.

The more vibrant a person is, the more mosquitoes bite him.

  • Mosquitoes use their ability to smell as well as look for prey. People wearing dark clothing are easy prey to mosquitoes.
  • Bites of mosquitoes or bites are also related to human genetics. It is the meta-bolus of human beings or the emission of natural substances that the mosquitoes are not interested in.






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