Who was Sulli the K-Pop star tormented by network criticism and panic attacks


Choi Jin-ri was only 11 years old when her concern for the artistic world led her to play Princess Seonhwa in the drama Ballad of Seodong, but it was a resignation in 2009 when she rose to fame with the name of Sulli, as part of the band K-Pop female f (x).

For years he achieved what thousands of teenagers in South Korea crave: being successful as singers and a legion of fans. But the dream of others became a nightmare for the young Sulli, who in 2015 decided to leave the group.

It was said first that he wanted to take some time to rest, but behind his decision also hid the harsh criticisms that Sulli received on social networks. He needed to take a break and get away from the world of K-Pop.

Sulli member of f (x) is mentally and physically exhausted due to the continuous malicious comments and false rumors and has expressed his desire to take a break from his activities as a celebrity. After careful deliberation and taking into account your wish, we will reduce your activities and let you take a break for the moment read SM Entertainment’s statement.

The young woman, born in Yangsan on March 29, 1994, regained her strength, decided to withdraw completely from f (x) and a couple of years later she returned to the scene but already more focused on acting the activity she said – He could have done for the rest of his days.

He performed in 2017 in the films “Real” and “Burning” and this year had a special participation in the drama “Hotel del Luna”.

But although she moved away from K-Pop, the critics never stopped chasing her, especially because in a society like the Korean, which is usually very severe with her idols (pop stars). Sulli didn’t mind taking care of every detail of his public image. And after his departure from f (x) the cruel comments of trolls flooded his social networks.

I’m not a bad person, why do they speak badly of me? Tell me only one thing you have done to deserve this he said in a recent live stream on Instagram.

Bra have braces, they are not good for health. Not using it is comfortable. It’s something beautiful and natural- For me, a bra is like an accessory. Some garments go with it and others do not. That’s why sometimes I don’t wear bra She explained.

Sulli was also pointed out by some photos in which she appeared lying next to a man and with his head on the singer’s belly. “Why?” The actress also wondered when she received the negative comments.

Those who know me know well that I have no bad intentions. Anyway, there are many people who only see me with prejudice and judge me and it’s something that bothers me.



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