Who won in the fight Soledad Matthysse vs Ewa Brodnicka?

Boxing Match
Boxing Match

The boxing match between Argentina’s Soledad Matthysse and Polish Ewa Brodnicka began badly down the ring, continued in the ring and most likely continues in the specialized media, although when the jury of the contest already gave its verdict.

In weighing, the Polish caused Argentina with a peak, which took it out and it hit him with a slap. Only the intervention of managers prevented things from happening to adults.

Finally, the fight began and both contestants met in the center of the Hala Sportowa ring in Czestochowa (Poland) to compete for the featherweight title of the World Boxing Organization (WBO), which the Polish had been holding 17 matches ago.

Weighing scandal: Soledad Matthysse received a “peak” from her rival and she slapped him Finally, the thing was not solved by the knockout but instead was in the hands of the jury who, in a split ruling, decided that the current champion retained the belt. The judgments of the jurors, which benefited the Polish champion were 97-93 and 96-94, while the remaining card granted the triumph to the native of Trelew, for a tight 96-95 Matthysse disagreed and as soon as the referee raised Brodnicka’s arm, she began gesturing with her finger, disapproving the decision of the judges and denying that it is something well evaluated. The Polish approached to greet her rival, with intentions of reconciliation, but the Argentine continued to make gestures with her finger, which at some point turned from denial to obscenity, and soon separated from the hug that lavished her rival.




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