Why Dentist Day is celebrated on October 3


Every October 3 the work of dental professionals is celebrated in countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela. It is that on October 3, but in 1917, the Latin American Dental Federation (FOLA) was formed in Santiago, Chile, when professionals met to discuss some key aspects related to the profession.

In 1925, almost a decade later, at the second FOLA Congress held in the city of Buenos Aires, the Argentine delegate, Dr. Raúl Loustalán, proposed that October 3 be the official day to celebrate the day of dentistry Latin American Thus was born the Day of the Dentist.

The importance of good oral hygiene

Oral health is essential for the well-being of people and an important factor in the integral health of the population. Early identification and prevention may contribute to the early diagnosis and treatment of other systemic diseases.

And is that the hygiene of the teeth is usually related to the prevention of tooth decay and oral aesthetics in general. But it goes further: in the mouth you can see some lesions that alert about vitamin deficiencies, lack of minerals or nutritional deficiency states. In the mouth, symptoms of health and illness are reflected, hence the specialists insist that “oral hygiene is essential for general health”. In addition, healthy teeth allow a person to speak and feed properly and help to give a better aesthetic appearance.

The visit to the dentist, something that should be paramount

In this sense, daily care is the main prevention to enjoy good health and quality of life. Thus, the dentist Gustavo Telo (MN 30.058), listed some of the care for prevention:

Brush your teeth at least 3 times a day. The most important brushing is that of the night.

Flossing should be used every day and be part of the daily routine, not only when the person feels that he needs a deeper cleaning.

It is important to look closely to see that the teeth were very clean.

Avoid biting ice, candies, nougat and any food or hard material since teeth can be broken.

If there is a predilection for sweets, it is important to group them at times of food consumption with sugars. Avoid consuming them permanently during the day.

If after a meal the person cannot brush their teeth, it is advisable to eat a sugar-free gum. Stimulates the generation of saliva and helps teeth cleaning.

If the person is a mate lover, it is recommended not to use thermos, but turkey. The thermos causes it to consume mate for a longer time causing the saliva to become acidic and end up affecting the teeth.

If you have crooked or uneven teeth, it is important to perform some treatment to align them. This improves the bite and facilitates dental hygiene.

Visit the dentist once a year, even if there is no discomfort.



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