YouTube removes 100 thousand videos and 500 million comments containing hate speech


Although YouTube has adopted a tougher policy on this type of content recently, criticism of the company remains, amid opinions that believe that what it does very little without providing sufficient transparency.

In a post published on Tuesday, YouTube said it removed five times more than it removed in the previous three months.

The company attributed the increase to its recent efforts to combat the spread of hate content, noting that in June it updated its hate speech policy to include a ban on white extremist content, and to remove videos denying documented atrocities such as the Holocaust and the shooting incident. Which took place at Sandy Hook Primary School, USA, in 2012

YouTube, owned by Google, said it was able to remove more spam before it was widely viewed – efforts that led to an 80% drop in the number of views of content that was subsequently violated its rules.

Despite its new policy, the network has taken no action on the channels of prominent hate speech makers, such as Richard Spencer and David Duck, the former leader of the KKK movement, known for its belief in white supremacy, anti-Semitism, racism, anti-Catholicism, and homophobia.

Earlier this month, the Anti-Defamation League released a report that found that at least 29 YouTube channels adopt white and anti-Semitic content. He noted that while some of the channels mentioned in the report had been removed, many were still on the podium.

Last week, YouTube also retracted content decisions, for example, deleting several channels with white national scenes, and then bringing them back to work.

Although the company did not provide sufficient clarification on the decision-making process, its spokesperson said it generally removes channels entirely dedicated to violating its policies or repeating a violation of its guidelines.

On the other hand, YouTube said that AI systems are improving, with more than 87% of the 9 million videos removed in the second quarter of 2019 being featured for the first time by its automated systems.

Videos can be removed from the network for several reasons, including hate speech, copyright infringement, violence, nudity, and spam.

Last week, YouTube CEO Susan Wojiki said the company was committed to being an open platform.

“Committing to openness is not easy,” she wrote in a letter to content producers on YouTube. Enlightened, even if we disagree with some of these views. ”



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